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Family Support

We offer 3 Family Support programs including: Parents Anonymous®, Jubilee Place and Caring Dads.

Parents Anonymous®

parents anonymous

Parents Anonymous® of Renfrew County is Accredited by Parents Anonymous® Inc.

Parents Anonymous® was founded in 1969 by Jolly K., a single mother seeking to provide a safe and caring home for her family. The group is committed to providing evidence-based, culturally-responsive and innovative programming to parents, children and youth wishing to change their lives for the better. It also aims to inspire and empower parents to create long-term, positive changes in their families and their communities.

Family and Children’s Services of Renfrew County operates the accredited Parents Anonymous® Program for any family in Renfrew County who is seeking help and support. This can include families impacted by the child welfare system; families struggling with mental health concerns or substance abuse issues; families with early childhood development and education needs; families struggling with domestic violence; and families navigating the health care and justice systems, given the issues they and their children face.

Groups meet to talk, share and learn from each other while enjoying dinner together. The weekly groups have helped to strengthen relationships and connect participants to local resources and supports. Interested parents or caregivers are welcome to inquire into group participation at any time. If the group is full, we will ensure your name is added to a waiting list and will notify you when a spot becomes available.

“No one ever thought of me as a leader until I came to a Parents Anonymous Group. By reaching out to others to share my experiences and dropping into my feelings, I became the parent I always wanted to be. My children changed in so many positive ways. We all succeeded in strengthening our family.” – A Parents Anonymous® Parent

To learn more about the current groups or register, please contact: [email protected]

Jubilee Place

Jubilee Place, located in Pembroke, is a family support and educational centre to help parents who are pregnant or have young children.

Families can participate in a variety of parenting programs aimed at providing resources and support for expecting parents, as well as connecting them with programs designed to help them with early childhood development. The Collective Kitchen provides parents with the ability to prepare and take home a delicious and nutritious meal, and the Canada Prenatal Nutrition Program offers free vitamins, lunches, vouchers and provides important information and resources for those who have a new baby.

Jubilee Place also offers a variety of activities for both parents and children, including playgroups, craft days, game days, family coffee mornings and food bingo.

Jubilee Place partners include:

  • Boys and Girls Club of Pembroke
  • Canada Prenatal Nutrition Program
  • Renfrew County & District Health Unit
  • Bernadette McCann House
  • The Phoenix Centre for Children and Families

To learn more about Jubilee Place or to receive a schedule of programs for registration, please contact [email protected]

Caring Dads

Caring Dads contributes to the safety and well-being of vulnerable children by working with fathers who need support. In many cases, fathers are aware that their behaviour has a negative impact on their families, but lack the support and programming required to make meaningful changes. Other times, fathers and families are unsure of how to repair relationships when things go wrong.

Caring Dads provides men with an opportunity to gain insight and strategies that will help them ensure that their children are safe and are able to achieve their developmental milestones.

In partnership with the Bernadette McCann House, Family and Children’s Services of Renfrew County facilitates the Caring Dads program through seasonal sessions. We accept referrals from individuals and from other organizations with a father’s written consent.

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